We Are Three Years Old

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we are three years old

Skylark Aerial Photography is three years old. I’m very pleased to say that as a leading aerial film provider within the Lake District & North West, a significant milestone has been reached. It been an exciting achievement in this rapidly growing area of technology.

Though the business idea started in July of 2015 it took time and groundwork to establish a business platform. This included gaining qualifications, marketing, sales training, networking, business seminars, presentations, contacting potential clients, offering free work to gain experience, purchase of equipment, building a website with a professional web builder.

Having been a global engineer for a very large blue-chip gas company, taking the step to start your own business was a little daunting. However, all those sales training, marketing and presentations that were part and parcel of a billion-dollar company came in very useful.

On the face of it I never thought all those skills could be used again. How wrong you can be. What can be applied when reviewing a multi-million contract can be applied at all levels. At the end of the day it’s you who sells the business. People buy from you. Always be polite, always respond, nothing is too much.

Using a background of engineering/drone flying, (over 11 years) worth prior to setting up the company has allowed the business to grow and continue a robust path.

With both parents involved with film/photography/art (mother was head of a university dept in photography/art), so I guess some of it rubbed off. The engineering and filming both complement each other when applied within the drone field of filming.

we are three years old

Some statistics

Over the last three years Skylark has invoiced over 186 clients, some of these are return customers, deployed 221 times, operates four drones including an all-weather platform, multiple cameras/lenses, first person view googles, ground based DJI Osmo camera system.

Operational use

Each year a replacement drone is purchased as the existing drones come to the end of their serviceable life for commercial operation. The Mavic Pro will be replaced by the DJI Mavic Pro 2 within the next few months.

we are three years old

The Future

As the business grows it becomes clear that there are four areas of great interest

  • Aerial filming & photography
  • Survey & inspection
  • Turn key film and photography in partnership with Harper Audio Visual Media
  • Training

To meet these requirements Skylark will invest in more software and equipment and maybe provide a separate business offering for survey and inspection.

we are three years old

Skylark Engineering Services

The engineering consultancy has been active throughout the year providing expertise to Knighton Foods of the Premier Group and BOC Gases. We look forward to continuing this side of the business.

Aerial Filming Lake District
Skylark Aerial Photography provides aerial filming of the Lake District