We accept payment by BACS, cheque or PayPal.

Payment Terms

30 Days (unless by prior agreement / discussion)

We will be happy to discuss any of the above with you in greater detail and think you will find us fair reasonable and transparent.

We are happy to provide quotes in writing once we have received a full brief from the client and been able to discuss the requirements and expectations of the work.
Interest will be charged after 30 days for late payment of the service  (‘statutory interest’) – this is 8% plus the Bank of England base rate for business to business transactions.

Availability – Booking

Due to the nature of the weather in the UK and nature of aerial photography we are very flexible when working with clients. Many of our jobs are booked last minute. However we must have enough time to do pre-flight checks and ensure that the job can be undertaken safely, adhering to the rules & regulations of aerial filming and our operating licence.

We are happy to pencil in potential jobs and dates for clients. However, actual bookings will always take priority. Naturally, if someone has a date pencilled in they will have first refusal on their proposed date.


All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Operational brief, permissions & site access

An operational brief will be prepared by Skylark Aerial Photography prior to any deployment and a site visit depending on the nature of the operational requirement. It is the client’s responsibility to guarantee permissions from the landowner are in place to allow deployment of the drone. It is the client’s responsibility to guarantee that there is safe access to the site. Should there be no access to the site on the operational day then the client will be liable for the full rate quoted and any expenses if applicable.


During the operation it is the pilot’s responsibility to fly the drone safely and responsibly. Should it become apparent that an elevation, angle or speed for a filming operation requested by the client will compromise the operational safety, and then Skylark Aerial Photography will abort that flight. Skylark Aerial Photography will try to capture the images at another elevation, angle or speed but cannot guarantee that this will be as originally requested for filming. It is always advisable to request a site visit and discussion prior to operational deployment. Usually these are part of the quote; however there may be a charge for a site visit depending on location and urgency.


Skylark Aerial Photography will offer one short clip promotional edit of up to one minute in duration of aerial video for use on social media and no more than one alteration of the edit as part of an aerial video service. For a long length edit for use within a promotional package, media, newsreel, website insertion etc a professional editing service can be used. Skylark Aerial Photography can recommend an associate business partner.

Postponements, cancellations & weather:

Remote controlled aerial filming is naturally affected by the flying conditions. If due to weather (i.e. rain, strong winds etc) and we are not able to operate we shall not charge the client. We will make alternative arrangements for the operation to happen at another time.

If the operation cannot be re-scheduled (which we usually know in advance of carrying out the aerial filming), we will discuss the cancellation with the client and come to a fair and reasonable compromise.

If a job is cancelled due to other issues and simply not re-scheduled due to the client no longer requiring our services and costs have been incurred these will have to be met by the client.