Skylark Aerial Photography can carry out inspections that would normally require scaffolding, cherry picker, ladders and permissions. These are expensive and time consuming to organise.

By deploying a drone or drones with wide angle and zoom lenses aerial inspections can be carried out very quickly and most importantly safely without the need for work at heights permits. The image or video can be viewed whilst the inspection is carried or at a later stage. Because the images are high resolution digital zoom can be used to identify areas of interest.

Large areas can be inspected safely using pre programmed way points and collision avoidance systems where there maybe stacks, guide wires or other obstacles within the inspection zone.


Using a pre installed survey software; drones can very quickly map both small and large areas with extreme accuracy. The images are Geo Tagged and can be stitched to provide aerial views, 2D and 3D modelling, information of vegetation growth. Survey operations that used to require costly fixed wing or helicopter can now take advantage of drone technology to provide this information at a fraction of the cost.

Thermal Imaging

With the advancement of Thermal Cameras that can be mounted onto drones what does this mean for Skylark Aerial Photography?

The technology in the camera produces pinpoint accuracy with a live feed back to the pilot and camera operator. This creates the ability to instantly analyse situations or record data.

Some services which will benefit from this technology are:-

  • Solar Panel efficiency and damage
  • Wind Farm drives and generator inspection
  • Commercial Building inspection
  • Heat loss and potential missing insulation
  • Industrial drive systems
  • Power Line inspection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Lost or injured animal/life stock search
  • Wild life counts