Red Bull TV Shoot: The Way of the Wildcard – John McAvoy – The Ironman Set Free

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Red Bull TV Shoot

Red Bull TV Shoot: The Way of the Wildcard – John McAvoy – The Ironman Set Free.

Skylark Aerial Photography was commissioned to film the aerial sequences of John McAvoy in the series The Way of the Wildcard.

This is the story of John McAvoy from his childhood to where he is now. The video is over 13 minutes long but well worth the watch if you want to see how John went from childhood, armed robber, getting caught, conviction and then turning his life around.

The turn around takes place in prison where he wants to change his life and begins to train and look at world records. He then trained on the rowing machine and broke the world record. Darren his prison officer championed him on. From then on he turned his back on crime and started to train to become a professional athlete when he served his time. John focused on becoming an Iron Man but also going into schools and prisons to to talk about his life and how you can turn your life around if you focus and leave crime behind and achieve anything in your life and believe in your heart you can do it. This also motivates John.

John’s experiences in his early life have allowed him to focus, train and turn professional athlete when he completed the Iron Man course in less than 9 hrs 20 minutes.

Its a great motivating film to watch and shows you that you can turn your life around.

The Aerial Filming

Look out the aerials taken by Skylark Aerial Photography and the very early morning shoot. The drone was an Inspire 1 Pro with X5 camera and Olympus 25mm Prime Lens.

To all you budding drone operators out there, you do not have to use the latest Inspire 2 with X5S camera to achieve great results. In fact all of the Skylark TV shoots are shot with X5 and Olympus lenses.

Skylark Aerial Photography has gone back to its roots and invested in another Inspire 1 original. The operational flight time, X3 camera and video down link are so much better than the new Inspires.

Aerial Filming Lake District
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