How To Gain More Aerial Work

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How To Gain More Aerial Work

How To Gain More Aerial Work. Skylark Aerial Photography has now been in business for 3 years and like any business whatever you put in you will get out. So long hours, networking, investment, free work to gain experience, presentations, charity work, professional built website, selling yourself, going that extra mile, blogs. These all work.

We have now seen in our 3rd year 50 % referrals and 50% web contacts. This is averaging out at around 3 commission’s a week. We are also now starting to see commission’s much further afield from our home base.

However, to be in a much stronger position your aerial business needs to be able to offer a USP. This year Skylark Aerial Photography now offers all weather capability, but we have now affiliated ourselves with another company, Harper Audio Visual Media. We both can offer video editing and share editing. We can now offer full ground-based filming, interviews, narration combined with aerial filming. A lot of companies particularly the larger ones want a turnkey package and this we can now do.

A lot of the promo videos, marketing videos and training videos will have two cameras focused on the subject matter, one on the ground and one in the air. We shoot at the same if possible and this makes the editing so much easier. Tracking shots can be offered and moving panning shots. Most of the drone work is low down and replacing the operator with a hand-held gimbal system or camera on slides or rails.

Being able to offer the edit with narration and audio helps. Using the expertise of both companies really does make a difference. Within two weeks both Skylark Aerial Photography and Harper Audio Visual Media have been commissioned by Marwood Group to produce training films and marketing films, Delta Obstruction Lighting to produce a marketing film of a new Helipad and the Windermere Jetty Museum in the Lake District, a four minute press interview and lastly a £2million property that required aerial and ground based filming for marketing purposes.

All these companies want combined aerial filming with ground based video, they want to use a company that has the expertise and experience.

Both Skylark Aerial Photography and Harper Audio Visual Media would not have gained this business if we had not collaborated.

Conclusion; How To Gain More Aerial Work

My feeling is that for drone operators to grow they need to diversify within the film and photographic industry and supply a complete service offering not just small aerial still assignments such as for property marketing. There are a lot of aerial operatives and those that can diversify, invest and offer a full service offering for the industry then the business is there.

Remember a drone is an ideal tool for a camera platform it’s not just for high aerial shoots, we use drones now at low level and it replaces the tri pod, camera on sliders, a person with a 3-axis camera gimbal system (where safe). Typically, many external property stills of countryside locations will use a drone to capture all aspects not just the wider picture from up high.

Like any business it must be a full-time job, not a role your share with your full-time day career. To be able to grow your business it must be a full-time occupation.

Shared shoot during the long hot summer for My Lake Cruise

Jamie:- Ground Based Filming and Edting        

How To Gain More Aerial Work

Simon:- Aerial Filming and Editing

How To Gain More Aerial Work



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