First Deployment Of All Weather Drone

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First Deployment Of All Weather Drone

First Deployment Of All Weather Drone

Skylark Aerial Photography was busy over the August Bank Holiday Weekend, a film shoot for an up market estate agent in the beautiful Kentmere Valley. The weather could not have been better on the Saturday.

For the Sunday of the bank holiday weekend, Skylark Aerial Photography had been booked in many weeks ago for a aerial film shoot at a wedding venue. A rather large venue with a local manor booked out on the side of Windermere. The cost I was told of the wedding, venue and to fly in guests first class from all round the world came to a shade just under £1/2 million.

The weather on the Sunday was not going to be good, rain forecast all day which indeed it did. Skylark Aerial Photography remained on standby in case the rain stopped. It did not and a lot of the wedding events were cancelled even though they were paid for this included the evening cruise on Windermere.

Three Drones

Three drones had been brought to the event for aerial filming and this included the latest addition an all weather drone. The drone is more suitable for survey work.

First Deployment Of All Weather Drone. As the rain carried on it was felt this would be an ideal time to deploy the all weather drone and get some footage. It would also provide an ideal practice session for use during the seasonal wet weather throughout winter.

Great First Flight

The drone was faultless, it was operational for over 30 mins using two batteries. The controller, drone and camera all got a thorough soaking but nothing failed. A result. The camera used a 4K fully waterproof camera proved very reliable, although there are some firmware issues with it, namely the microphone could not be turned off and the superhydrophobic coating had worn off (a nanoscopic surface layer that repels water). Droplets hitting this kind of coating can fully rebound in the shape of column or pancake.

This meant the droplets of water form on the lens, it was decided to point the camera vertically downwards to capture some film of the wedding event. This proved successful.

Survey Work

In our opinion the drone is more suited to survey work. The orange colour proved very useful identifying where it was and far easier to see than DJI drones. The drone has a great power to weight ratio and really moves. The other thing noted was the prop and engine noise. It sounds like a commercial drone not a toy. I have to say I really enjoy flying the drone.

Look out for more news as Skylark Aerial Photography begins to fly the drone more and more.

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