Casterton Grange

By 7th December 2018Projects

Casterton Grange was built for a vicar by a church architect who would one day go on to design the National Portrait Gallery – and it’s now looking for a new owner.

It’s hard to imagine a Cumbrian vicar being able to commission an eminent architect to build a house. Yet in 1848 that’s precisely what happened when Rev David Barclay-Bevan asked Ewan Christian to create a family home for him – the result was Casterton Grange, a wonderful place that’s currently for sale via Davis & Bowring.

The clue to the good reverend’s ability to fund the erection of a house on such a grand scale – seven bedrooms and three storeys spanning over 10,000sq ft, set with 52 acres of land near Kirby Lonsdale, and now looking for a new owner – lies in his name: the ‘Barclay’ in David Barclay Bevan hints at the occupation of his father, David Bevan, a partner at Barclays Bank (then known as Barclay, Bevan & Co) and a titan of the British financial world.

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