Property Shoots

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Property Shoots

With a good seven weeks of fantastic weather, the season for property shoots has been long and I’m pleased to say predictable with out trying to find that day with sunshine. No back logs and rushing when a day of sun is forecast and there are five properties to film. No estate agents asking why the aerial filming has not been completed because of poor weather.

Because the weather has been great and there is plenty of opportunity to deploy a drone or two then you can take your time and experiment with other angles, shoot more footage then try out something different with the editing. It may or may not work but its experience which could be used elsewhere

Property Shoots

Here at Skylark Aerial Photography we have invested in new drones and gear to stay one step ahead. You always have to invest to stay ahead of the rest. New technology allows you to provide your customers with more variation to your filming and in our case film in all weathers.

Humbert’s of Windermere provide a great variety of properties to aerial film and the stunning locations just help. We are very lucky as a lot of the properties are looking over Windermere, Coniston Water or Ullswater. If your happy to fly over water for extended periods then you can really take excellent footage. We shall be providing advice in a later blog on deploying a drone over water and shooting from a moving boat.

An example of a property shoot near water is Wall Holm Cottage, Glenridding, Ullswater, Lake District, Cumbria, UK

This was shot  for Humbert’s and really shows the location. Aerial filming will provide both stills and video to showcase the property and the area. So the next time you want to showcase your property give Skylark Aerial Photography a call.

Aerial Filming Lake District
Skylark Aerial Photography provides aerial filming of the Lake District