SwimRun Aerial Drone Filming

SwimRun Aerial Drone Filming. Skylark Aerial Photography was asked back to provide drone cover following last years coverage of the Great North Swim and the promotional film for the SwimRun which had over 65K views within 2.5 months the highest viewed video on The Great Run Organisations FaceBook Page last year.

Starting at 6:30am from Wray Castle a full site brief was carried out, from there on it would be over to Ambleside then Low Wood Marina. After a lunch break over to Rydal Water to cover the Endurance entrants.

As it happened rain stopped play, with high winds and heavy rain the drone was only deployed for 20 minutes to capture the 14:30 Great North Swim start at the Low Wood Marina. Throughout the day majority of filming was using a 3 axis stabilised hand held gimbal which is normally used to compliment drone footage. In this instance 90% of the footage was using this camera system. It allowed full panning, reveals, chase and follow shots of the competitors as they emerged from the water.

SwimRun Aerial Drone Filming footage will be used by the organisers to produce a promotional film.

Background Detail On The Event

SwimRun part of the Great Run Organisations events was held on and around Windermere Saturday 10th June. This was the first time the organisers have run SwimRun as part of the weekend events in the Lake District. The Great North Swim is a great success and has just celebrated its 10th year and has been replicated at a number of other locations in the UK. However this is the first time a Swim and Running event have been combined. There were three events, short, middle and endurance

The Lake District National Park is one of the most awe-inspiring locations in the world.

The event began on the shores of Windermere, England’s largest lake at 10.5 miles long (17km), stretching from Ambleside in the North to Newby Bridge in the South. The finish line of the event was shared with the Great North Swim.


Total swim distance: approximately 20%
Total run distance: approximately 80%
Transitions: 3 swims / 3 runs
Time: unlimited, take your time
Age: 16 years old and over

10.6k total distance covered


Total swim distance: 15%
Total run distance: 85%
Transitions: 5 swims / 4 runs
Time: 5 hours
Age: 17 years old and over

21.3k total distance covered


Total swim distance: approximately 15%
Total run distance: approximately 85%
Transitions: 7 swims / 6 runs
Time: 8 hours
Age: 18 years old and over

36.5k total distance covered