All Weather Drone

By 14th June 2018News
all weather drone

All Weather Drone.

Skylark Aerial Photography will be taking delivery of an all weather drone within the next few weeks. Following discussions with the Chinese manufacturer we will be pleased to take delivery of the drone and provide feedback information to the manufacturer about its performance.

The all weather drone will be a great addition to our fleet of three DJI drones and allow us to not be completely dependent on DJI.

It will give us significant advantage as an operator in the North West allowing deployment in rain, snow and windy conditions (30mph). Using the latest technology the camera lens will remain clear of rain enabling filming even in the most damp conditions.

A number of exiting clients have requested wet weather shots and we shall be pleased to carry out this work and offer filming to new clients. One of the biggest areas of operation will be all weather woodland surveys, allowing aerial mapping to continue during the wettest spells.

The drone will be the heaviest in the fleet and the most expensive.

For film crews requiring the certainty that a drone will be able to fly even if the weather is wet will allow Skylark Aerial Photography to deliver. The drone offers other benefits for use in possible search and rescue situations where the weather would prevent deployment of the usual drones being used.

A significant advantage we believe at Skylark Aerial Photography will be the non reliance on the DJI drone fleet, currently there have been issue’s of firmware problems related to the DJI updates preventing on occasions the Inspires operating, control issues, image transmission and satellite lock to name a few. By using another manufacture it is hoped that we will be able to deploy a drone at all time’s.

Operating here in the Lake District of the UK where there is an abundance of water the all weather drone will come into its own.


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